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Posted on 09-15-2013

"The ART of No Words"

I can’t believe it will be 13 years since opening my Café of Life here in Kent.  My dear friend, Catherine Foster, was instrumental in painting my adjusting suite and reminding me to “trust the process’ and “we won’t finish until you are happy with it!”  Needless to say, I was in awe of the artwork she so intuitively expressed on the four walls and ceiling, as well as the love & healing energy she always places within her pieces. 

In honor of myself & Café of Life serving the Kent Community for 13 years, please join me in 13 weeks of celebrating the “Art of____________.”  From Sept. 13 to Dec. 13 (Catherine’s birthday), we will be posting 13 individual pieces of Catherine’s artwork with my own interpretation of the message these pieces display in terms of  the Art of Chiropractic, the Art of Healing, the Art of Reconnecting Body, Heart & Soul.  And… please feel free to share and comment from your heart!

My role as a Chiropractor is to not only deliver the “Art of the Adjustment” through my hands and heart in order to reduce vertebral subluxations, it is to also educate, motivate, inspire, and expand consciousness around the negative impact of nerve interference, the benefit of chiropractic for all ages, the expression of life, the healing process, and bring awareness to “a way of living” that is in alignment with nature, one’s soul, and congruent from the inside out.   

Below is our most recent piece of artwork to kick off this celebration.  Although it was not painted by Catherine, it looks as if it was and blends perfectly into the adjusting suite.  I call it the “Art of No Words…”  The horse is a magnificent sentient being that is highly intuitive.  They pick up on incongruencies between what you are expressing on the outside versus what you are truly feeling on the inside….even if it is subconscious.  Their gut is very sensitive and I believe the horse represents a teacher for us to listen beyond our senses, especially to our “gut response.”  A horse can spread the threat of danger throughout a herd through subtle and non-verbal communication.  http://www.naturalhorse.com/archive/volume5/Issue4/article_6.php

The threat of danger activates the Fight or Flight response and the gut is not excluded.  The Sympathetic Nerve System can cause the “loss of one’s cookies”, or the opposite reaction of “the runs”, or the infiltration of the immune system with mast cells, histamine, and creating inflammation.  http://whyfiles.org/026fear/physio2.html The inflammation, when you think about it, is an amazing response of Innate Intelligence to flood an area in preparation as if it will be punctured by a wound.  How so?  There are so many bacteria in the gut; a wound can create serious infection, especially seeping into the blood stream.  Inflammation is like firefighters coming in and hosing down the area surrounding a building with water to try to prevent a raging fire from catching.  The problem is what happens to the gut when the flight or flight response continues to be activated in a world where stress is so predominant?  For a horse it could be colic, for us it could also be digestive problems such as leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc. 

So let’s stop for a moment and ponder what if you recognize stress and how if feels (no words) in your body?  What if you recognized a gut response as your belly tightens in response to a demand by your boss?  What if you take the “Art of No Words” and feel the language your body is speaking to you…whether it is a tight gut, a pain in the neck, feeling depleted…maybe those are messages you body is trying to convey to live life differently.  Maybe it’s bigger than just taking a three-cent aspirin or Ibuprofen?   Maybe it’s bigger than the “Just-Fix-Me-Doc” consciousness.  Maybe it is time to FEEL into your whole being with “no words” and discover where you express ease, or dis-ease, in your body, your heart, or soul.  The Art of No Words may give you greater information to discover not only the wellness benefits of Chiropractic, but also a new way of living in all areas of your life from the Inside Out.  It’s not just about feeling the negative.  It is as equally important to be authentic with the positive.  Feeling joy, warmth in your heart, increased energy from passion; it’s all just information to the horse, neither good nor bad.  Feel it, respond appropriately, and go back to grazing! 

Personally, I like the idea : )  


Dr. Cheryl


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