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#2 of 13 The ART of Peace

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Posted on 09-21-2013

"PEACE it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and STILL BE CALM  IN YOUR HEART."       ~ author unknown

I couldn’t sleep between 3-4:30 am the other morning.  I kept tossing and turning.  It was not peaceful rest.  I finally realized there was peace and stillness all around me though, and Kitten (my daughter’s 17 year old kitty) was curled up at the foot of the bed, sleeping.  I was surprised that my agitation had not disturbed her.  I even checked to make sure she was breathing, and she was, as well as dreaming. 

I finally got up and lit a couple of candles in the living room, and just tried to sit and BE in the stillness.  I was trying to drink it in with my breath.  I starting thinking about this piece of artwork, the Peace quotes my friend, Mark Cochran DC, has been posting this week, and the fact that Sat. (today) is International World Peace Day.  I started questioning where does it truly all begin, if there is no peace on the inside?  We may desire World Peace as a whole, but doesn’t it start with “Inner Peace?” 

How do we find inner peace?  In the midst of the storm and TURBULENT winds of a tornado, it is challenging to maintain an internal stillness, or calm.  The WINDS push, throw, thrash, and devastate, creating FEAR and REACTION to get out.  However, stepping into the center is the EYE.  The chaos and stormy winds circle around you, while you remain in the center.  As part of "the eye" you can be an OBSERVER and choose how to RESPOND... or not.  Being IN the EYE of the storm, Peace starts WITHIN and then spreads outward. 

The challenge is when you are in the chaos, how to return to the center.  I see this often in chiropractic. Individuals often come in stressed, contracted, fatigued, and the body is crying out in it’s language of symptoms trying to get attention for change.  Hans Seyle describes this in his “General Adaptation Syndrome.”  http://www.stress.org/about/hans-selye-birth-of-stress.  The sympathetic nerve system is continuously being activated without rest or restoration from the parasympathetic nerve system, or being able to return to homeostasis (or balance).  We are designed to respond via Fight-or-Flight to a stressor, and then come back to balance.  We are not designed to keep being stressed out hour-after-hour, day-in and day-out, year-after-year, without signs of dis-ease, wear-n-tear, and the potential for disease or illness to develop.   How can one express calm, peace, health, vibrancy, great life when exhausted and depleted?

I love offering the potential from the chiropractic adjustment for a shift.  It’s an opportunity for the nerve system to REcalibrate, REset, REboot, and find it’s own center.  Why the RE- words?  Because RE means “once more, afresh, anew, in return.”  The adjustment in REturn offers you REst, REstoration, REjuvination, and REvitalization for all aspects of your being (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). 

There can be a shift of one’s energy that the person didn’t even REalize could happen.  Coming off the adjusting table, I frequently hear the words of feeling more “grounded”, “centered”,  “greater sense of well being”, “peaceful”, “focused”…  Sometimes, it’s as if they can't find the right words to speak it.  “I don’t know what happened, I just feel different.” 

As a ChiropracTOR I believe I get to serve humanity as a channel or gateway between Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence.  I like to think my purpose is analogous to the Sensory RecepTOR that Bruce Lipton describes in his book, Biology of Belief.  The sensory receptors on the cell membrane (i.e. nerve system) are channels for information to be processed from the environment.  The channel is like a gate that allows for either opening or closing of what is in the environment.  The information (e.g. food or toxin) will either be allowed to enter within the cell, or not.  I serve to allow a greater connection between information or INTELLIGENCE (External and Internal...Universal and Innate) and the physical BODY via the chiropractic ADJUSTMENT.  By freeing Nerve Interference (VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS), the greater flow of LIFE FORCE energy allows a greater flow of mental and biochemical impulses through the Nerve System.  Your Nerve System is what allows you to adapt to the ever changing aspects of life and the environment.

Sometimes the greater flow of Life Force Energy through the adjustment creates a “stillpoint” of one’s whole being.  When I was in Brasil, I was blessed with adjusting a 13 year old girl who was autistic and blind.  Even if she understood the spoken word, her language would have been Portuguese, mine was English.  Direct spoken communication was not possible.  She needed to be guided when walking, and when sitting her head and hands were in constant motion.  The family used music and soft toys to calm her.  There were moments when I would touch points of her cranium, and all motion stopped.  She sat still, calm, and as if somewhere inside a part of her could hear and breathe in peace…then it would be lost.  I would find the same, or sometimes, a different point, and again….total stillness….as if she was listening intently with a greater aspect of herself, and we were able to communicate through this connection.

How INNATE uses this LIFE FORCE Energy is not for me to decide.  However, I have sensed this stillpoint or state of peace when adjusting people in my office as well.  It usually comes in a deep state of stillness, somewhere between feeling as if asleep and not.  My own experience of this stillness, is it’s a very quiet, calm place were deep healing and REorganizing takes place.  It’s like a place of no words, no movement, and no time.  It’s as if you are looking into the night sky, yet you’re not looking up at it, you’re zoomed right into it.  In this state, you’re not sure if you’re even breathing.  And, honestly, it doesn’t matter.  Coming back to the present moment brings a sense of awe and humility.  It is difficult to describe or even put into words.  You KNOW that you went somewhere deep within yourself, and perhaps beyond.  A lot has happened and you don’t even know what took place.  However, the experience of Stillness, Calm, and Peace spoke louder than words possibly could.  You know that Peace, Love, & Truth sit at the core of your being.

As you REflect on the art piece attached, REalize that Catherine Foster’ (the artist) wove metal together, like a fabric.  From Within this dense, unbending fabric, is the merging into form and the expression of PEACE from the Inside Out.  So…as you go through your day and every day, regardless of hardships and chaos around you, may you express the greatness of LIFE and PEACE to the World that Innately resides from Within You!

Love, Dr. Cheryl : )

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