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#3, 4, 5 The Art of the Child

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Posted on 11-22-2013

I decided to group these pieces together since Children are represented in all three.  If you follow us on Facebook, or regularly come to our office for chiropractic adjustments, you know we have deer that visit the property.  Just recently, deer (I’ve seen up to 5 at once), come to visit weekly. I like to think they are becoming more comfortable with my presence, but it’s probably more comfortable with humans in general.  It’s amazing how quiet I try to be and they hear the slightest click of a door, or camera.  Any more I’ve stopped trying to “capture” their presence with photos and just BE with them.  And they seem to prefer just being and simply gazing back in return.  It’s like they simply look my direction, as if to say “oh, it’s just her” and go back to grazing.  And I feel the desire to pay homage to them, standing still and silent with my message back of recognition, honor, gratitude, and love.  They’re presence brings so much joy to my heart.  In the book, Animal Speaks, by Ted Andrews, the deer represent joy and new beginnings.  I feel every time I see them, it’s like the familiarity of an old friend.  They are messengers from the universe reminding me of God, of creation, that I am a part of ALL this, and new things are to come. 

I will never forget when I was three I felt that same connection to the universe.  One time I was coloring with crayons and feeling the sun’s warmth, I felt connected to God.  The second time, I was looking at flowers on the side of the house, feeling the warmth of the sun.  There must be a part of my soul that had not forgotten the connection.  I felt such awe for the beauty and feeling bathed in the vibration of Love that only comes from God and is infused into ALL that is.  The Child and Deer (#3) are my reminders of the connection we hold to Source and to each other.  This first piece was originally given to my daughter, Kendra, but it holds just as much wonderment, play, and seeing the world through the eyes of a child, for myself.  It’s that memory as a child that is my connection to GOD. 

Catherine gave The Deerhunter (#4) to me as a Christmas gift.  It sits in my adjusting suite.  For me the “hunter” is our hunt or “desire to seek” joy, the new beginnings, the nuturing, the safe haven, in allowing ourselves to go to those vulnerable places deep within to heal.  Probably most of our wounds have occurred in childhood.  In fact, the first subluxation is often at birth.  As DD Palmer wrote that the adjustment is to reconnect man the spiritual with man the physical, the subluxation (on whatever level it occurs, Physical, Mental, Emotonal, or Spiritual) is a separation from our Light.

The Child of Light (#5) is my daughter face merging through the fabric of life.  I love how Catherine uses mixed media of form, fabric, pearls, feathers.  The essence of being merging through from pure energy into the fabric of form.  It’s a reminder that we all originate as Light, as energy.  Infused with Love we become into form, Life.

In Chiropractic Philosophy, we speak of the TRIUNE of Life:  Intelligence, Force, and Matter.  Universal INTELLIGENCE is information.  It is the LIGHT, the frequency of information that makes up ALL that is.  MATTER is the PHYSICAL manifestation or Physical BODYment of  this Intelligence, Information, or Light.  FORCE, or Life Force Energy, is the CONNECTION between Intelligence and Matter.  LIFE FORCE ENERGY unites man the Spiritual (Light, Universal Intelligence) with man the Physical (Matter, Body).  When you unite Spiritual with the Physical, you get Life.

Science proves it with Einstein’s equation…..E = MC2.

Energy = Matter (Light)2. 

Life Force Energy =  Matter(Light)2. 

Life Force Energy = Matter (Universal Intelligence)2……Chiropractic TRIUNE of Life

Life = Physical (Universal Intelligence)2

Life = Physical (Spiritual)2

Chiropractic adjustments are more than back pain or neck pain relief.  It frees up LIFE Force Energy to reunite man the Physical, with man the Spiritual.  It allows you to be more of the Light and Life Expression you were meant to be in this world.  It allows you to express your greatest potential. 


Dr. Cheryl : )

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