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#6, 7, 8 The Art of Polarity

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Posted on 11-22-2013

This piece (#6) is titled “The Dance of Ages.”  For me, the black and white colors symbolize the contrast to our physical and spiritual nature.  It’s also symbolic of the Autumn season we have moved into.  The Fall Equinox brings a shifting of day and night as we leave the long hours of light from summer and head into the longer hours of darkness in winter.  The theme of polarity is a theme of human existence:  day/night, sun/moon, sunrise/sunset, male/female, yin/yang, hot/cold, expansion/contraction, work/play, birth/death…...  We see it all around us and even experience it in our physiology.  We are constantly in a state of polarity from the time we are born.  Our spirit, our mind, our emotions, our body is in a flux of expansion/contraction.  For a moment, think about you physical body and the expansion/contraction of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, GI tract, pupils, muscles, etc.  The nerve system itself is based on polarity with sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers.  One prepares for fight or flight, the other for rest and calm.  You need to be able to respond to a crisis and then come back to balance.  Chiropractic adjustments allow us to reset the system, creating better flow of energy, and balance.  The seasons also flow from one to the other for specific purpose and ultimate balance. 

This piece (#7) is about “the mask.”  I love this for Halloween, but also it an represent the fascade we may be hiding behind.  If we are presenting to the world a false self, we aren’t expressing our true authentic self.  Honestly, no one can be you, except YOU!  That is your gift to this planet to show up as your true and authentic self, expressing your gifts, your talents, and your truth.  So if you look closer, the mask is made of a mesh or netting.  There are holes in the mask.  As we go through life we, hopefully, see that the mask we wear, whether from our own making, or from taking on those of parents, teachers, friends, etc., is either true or false.  If it’s true, it really is not a mask.  It is our light beaming forth.  If it’s false, now is the time to poke holes into it and allow the light to shine through.  Eventually the light will take over the darkness and the holes will fall away leaving only the shining glow of your inner self.

When I bought this piece (#8) from Catherine, I really didn’t know why I loved it so much.   As I’ve come to appreciate horses more as sentient being and teachers, I realize they have come to me several times within my lifetime.  They really are messengers for us to learn more of the way of energy and connecting without words.  There is a spiral within the horse, as well as a spiral sun below.  To me, BOTH the horse and the spiral sun represent “The Journey Home.”  Horses know their way back to the barn.  Especially if you have ever ridden horses on the beach, the ones you pay to ride a certain distance in a group.  Those poor horses don’t have the freedom to just run as they wish.  Hopefully, they do at home and are able to go out to pasture.  However, on the beach, they are working.  They go out and come back on the same path, slow to go out and fast to return.  They know the way home and it’s a straight shot.  However, the spiral sun says the path is not straight.  In fact, there are many ways, if not infinite, to enter the spiral through the multiple rays.  It doesn’t matter where you are or how you do it, ALL PATHS JOURNEY HOME.  Trusting our gut, our inner wisdom, our INNATE, teaches us the process of the journey.  Chiropractic is a means to such a journey within, to our core, and to our light. 

May the season of Autumn be the season to honor the Harvest, what we’ve planted and grown.  May it be a time to honor the light of summer filled with growth, as well as the darkness of winter that is coming with rest.  Maybe realize that polarity is a means to learn through contrast, as well as a means to experience LIFE.  If you look at nature, or look within you body, all life pulsates.  All LIFE goes through seasons.  All LIFE is a mixture of energetic waves moving in and out of each other. Life is expansion and contraction. Life is an opportunity for the spirit to experience through the human form. Life is an opportunity to find our way to knowing we are both divine and human. . .

Embrace and celebrate your polarity!


Dr. Cheryl :)    

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